DU 52nd Convocation on December 9-2019

Registration fee of the 52th Convocation-2019 must be paid online for development and through Sonali Bank’s golden service. This process should be completed in 3 steps. The registration process will be considered as completed only after the completion of Step 7. Unless the registration process is completed, no participation in the conclave will be made.
Step-1: Graduates interested in attending the 12th convocation will first have to open an account by clicking on the Sign Up menu above and providing the required information. Once the account is open, you can go to step 2 only by clicking on the Login menu above and logging in. No further sign-ups will be made after August 8, Sunday, August 29 at 12:30 pm.
Step-2: In this step the graduate will provide all his information. Click on the Proceed To Payment button to proceed to Step 3. The incomplete application can be saved and the next time you log in to the http://convocation.du.ac.bd address, you can return to this step and provide the remaining information. The first step to log in is to use the user name and email address provided. Applicants in the 3rd, 4th and 8th steps can also log in and return to these steps respectively.
Step-1: In this step the applicant will first determine the means of submitting the registration fee. If you want to submit a fee through development, you will be taken to the development website. The fee can be deposited through any development account from there. If you wish to submit a fee through Sonali Bank’s golden service, a pay slip will be provided in pdf format. The fee can be printed at any branch of Sonali Bank (other than Dhaka University branch) by printing this pay-slip. The applicant’s part of the pay-slip must be carefully stored for use in the next steps. Once the fee is submitted, the applicant will automatically reach the fourth step. The applicant must submit the registration fee on the 1st of August, the banking period or on Monday, August 25, through the golden service.
Step-1: Applicants in Step 4 can proceed to Step-7 by clicking on Generate Forms and Receipts button. Applicants in step 3 and 4 can edit certain information by clicking the Edit Information button. If incorrect information is inaccurate, the registration process must be started again. Applicant who reached Step 7 cannot amend his / her due information in any order.
Step-1: In this step the applicant can download pdf file of the following application forms and receipts:
(A) Application for registration of convection and withdrawal of principal
(B) receipt of deposit for application
(C) Costume acceptance form
(D) Receipt for return of accepted costume
(E) Gift Acceptance Form
(F) Fee Deposit Receipt (for depositors only through development).
The graduate attending the 12th convention will submit his application form along with the applicant’s part of the receipt / pay slip to submit the fee after completing all the procedures through the authority of the institute, at room no. However, the Graduate, who participates in the convocation of the affiliated Government 7 (Seven) College, will submit his application form along with the customer’s part of the fee depository receipt / pay slip to the college itself on Thursday, August 22, at 5 pm.

The following documents should also be submitted along with the application form:
Verified photocopy of test entry card.
Verified photocopy of letter of medal in case of medalists.
In case of those who picked up the temporary certificate, but did not return it.
Click the Download button for details

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