Jobs circular of Ministry of Education-2019

Ministry of Education, Primary Education of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the priority policy for the post-secondary sector and related administration for development. This Ministry mainly implements and enforces the implementation of secondary and higher secondary education in the country including madrasa, technical and vocational education system.

The government of Bangladesh emphasizes on education and in this case, the government is trying to transform its huge population into human resources. Education for All (EFA) Government Constitutional Responsibility The Constitution guarantees equal rights to all education.

In view of this, the government has stressed on providing education to the Western population and its citizens. The government is providing free education to women HSC (Class-12). It is expected that it will contribute to increase enrollment rates for students, reduce dropout rates and enrich the country with educated people.

Education Ministry Job 2019
Education Ministry Job 2019

Leading, both ministries are responsible for the overall control of a minister and a state minister. The primary stream of education is classified into four categories: general education, madrasa education, technical-vocational education and professional education.

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